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Talking to Kids About Drugs

By Maria T. Pepin

Drugs are chemicals that change the way your body works. Many kids start becoming curious about drugs at an early age due to television, movies, music and advertising. Studies show that the average age kid starts experimenting at 12 years old. As a parent, it’s important to educate your child on drugs
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Ask The Parent Coach: Clean Room Not A Teen Priority

By Jan Roberts

Dear Parent Coach, I'm about ready to give up on my teen's messy bedroom. His idea of a "clean room" is quite different from mine. This has been an ongoing argument between us and is causing a lot of tension. I take pride in our home, and I expect him to at least take care of his own belongings.
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Ask The Parent Coach: Does my Tween Need a Cell Phone?

By Jan Roberts

Dear Parent Coach, My 5th grade son is begging for his own cell phone. He says most of his friends already have them. I don't really understand why he needs one, but maybe I'm behind the times. What is your opinion? Signed, "Calling For Help" Dear "Calling For Help", Tweens are very tuned into the newest,
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Video Games and Kids: Setting Appropriate Guidelines

By JustMommies staff

If your child or teenager is hooked on video games, chances are you’ve had more than one confrontation over limits – when, where, and how much is too much. That’s because, like any good parent, you want to set some guidelines for how they can use the games safely and wisely. The question is, how
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Cyberbullying – What Parents Should Know

By JustMommies staff

Children and teenagers are spending more and more time texting friends from their mobile phones and chatting on the Internet. In fact, technology is now one of the main ways kids communicate and socially interact with each other. It’s a great way to be in instant touch – but there’s also an ominous
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Vulture Culture: How we encourage bullying

By Susan Lipkins

Our vulture culture emphasizes a winner/loser mentality that encourages dominance and aggression. Extreme bullying, often using sexual slurs such as "gay, fag, slut and whore," is becoming a common experience for students of all ages, and in particular, for children aged 11-13. Bullying will stop when
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Teens and Internet Safety

By JustMommies staff

Keeping Your Teens Safe While They Surf the Net Teenagers crave independence and privacy in every aspect of their lives – and their time on the Internet is no exception. Each new generation is more comfortable with electronic technology than the one before, and today’s teens already know more about
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Do As I Say Not As I Did

By Nancy Da Silva

How To Talk To Your Teens When You Were A Wild Child Yourself You try your best to guide your teen down the right path and help them navigate the tricky pitfalls of temptation and peer pressure. As you watch your child grow you want them to become strong and happy as well as physically and emotionally
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Seven Ways to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers

By Steve Cross

It’s the Wild West on the Internet, and as a parent you are responsible for keeping your kids safe “out there,” Even though “out there” may be two feet away from your kitchen while you are preparing dinner. Scammers, sexual predators, cyber bullies, and every type of hack are lurking on the
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Internet Guidelines and Kids

By JustMommies staff

Computers and the Internet are so much a part of our day-to-day lives that it’s challenging to figure out effective Internet Guidelines for children. Every time there’s a news story about online bullying or Internet sexual predators it’s natural to worry about how to safeguard kids. It’s impossible
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