Parenting Tweens and Teens

Monitoring Your Kids’ Online Video Viewing

By JustMommies

Do you know what your kids are watching? Sure, you monitor their shows on TV, but what about on the computer? Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on YouTube lately will tell you that for every kid-friendly video you might find, there’s bound to be at least one not-so-kid-friendly video that will pop up to follow it. How do you know what is safe, and how do you find it? » Read more

Vulture Culture: How we encourage bullying

By By Susan Lipkins, PhD child psychologist, www.

Our vulture culture emphasizes a winner/loser mentality that encourages dominance and aggression. Extreme bullying, often using sexual slurs such as "gay, fag, slut and whore," is becoming a common experience for students of all ages, and in particular, for children aged 11-13. » Read more

Teens and Internet Safety

Keeping Your Teens Safe While They Surf the Net » Read more

Ask The Parent Coach: Clean Room Not A Teen Priority

By Jan Roberts, Parent Educator and Coach

Dear Parent Coach, » Read more

Ask The Parent Coach: Does my Tween Need a Cell Phone?

By Jan Roberts, Parent Educator and Coach

Dear Parent Coach, My 5th grade son is begging for his own cell phone. He says most of his friends already have them. I don't really understand why he needs one, but maybe I'm behind the times.  What is your opinion? Signed, "Calling For Help" Dear "Calling For Help", » Read more

Heading Off Summer Boredom

By Dr. Caron B. Goode,

Summer is a refreshing and wonderful time. School is out and frantic schedules blur into unstructured free time. For a while, this lack of routine is very relaxing. Then the relaxation gives way to boredom, and parents start wondering what in the world they are going to do with their kids all summer! » Read more

Do As I Say Not As I Did

By Nancy Da Silva

How To Talk To Your Teens When You Were A Wild Child Yourself » Read more

Bullying Our Kids in Our Homes

Welcome to Cyber-Bullying Last night Tom’s daughter, Sue, came out of her room and said, “I got another one of those instant messages. It says, ‘tomorrow you had better not show up at school or else‘.” She has been getting messages frequently. The result of this is that she no longer likes to turn her computer on. » Read more

Dealing with Common Tween Issues

By Maria T. Pepin

A tween is a person between the ages of 9 to 14. Parents are all too familiar with this developmental stage because it can be tricky ~ especially with new issues presenting themselves consistently. Some of the more common tween issues include: smoking, abuse of phone privileges, body image, menstruation and negative peer influences. » Read more

Video Games and Kids: Setting Appropriate Guidelines

If your child or teenager is hooked on video games, chances are you’ve had more than one confrontation over limits – when, where, and how much is too much. That’s because, like any good parent, you want to set some guidelines for how they can use the games safely and wisely. The question is, how do you sort through all of the issues to make the best decisions for your child and your family? » Read more