Baby Food: Worse than a Big Mac?

A new report out of Britain has released information regarding popular baby foods and their high sugar and saturated fat contents. Reuters reports that the CFC (Children’s Food Campaign) cited certain baby foods – such as Farley’s Original Rusks and Toddler’s Own Mini Cheese Biscuits (both made by Heinz) – as examples of such.

Farley’s Rusks contain 29 percent sugar, while the mini cheese biscuits contain 7.3 grams of saturated fat per 100 mg. The CFC tested over 100 baby foods, with spokesperson Christine Haigh telling Reuters, “The results of the survey are staggering … many foods marketed for babies and young children are advertised as healthy. In reality, in terms of sugar and saturated fat content, some are worse than junk food.”

In response, Heinz released the following statement: “Farley's Rusks have been enjoyed by generations of babies, and some adults too, for 120 years. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, the unique Farley's Rusk recipe has remained virtually unchanged."

The bottom line: Don’t assume baby foods are going to be healthy for your little one. Read the product labels and check saturated fat and sugar amounts.

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