Bottle-Feeding Moms Lack Support

According to a new report found in the British journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, women who bottle-feed may not be getting enough support or information on bottle-feeding.

British researchers looked at 23 studies on new moms and suggest that the lack of support for bottle-feeding moms may put infants’ health at risk. While most experts agree that breastfeeding is the ideal nutrition for babies, not all moms choose to breastfeed or are able to. Moms who bottle-feed may not be getting adequate information on how to feed their babies.

According to the researchers, bottle-feeding moms had issues with guilt over not breastfeeding, anger, or felt pressure to breastfeed. They also worried about negative opinions from health professionals. In fact, some new moms felt that their caregivers spent much more time with breastfeeding moms.

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