Eco-Friendly Plush Toys That Are Full Of Personality

It's a fact of life. When you have children, your household gets overrun with stuffed animals and plush toys. Beds will be invaded, closets and toy bins filled to the brim, and before you know it an entire cast of plush characters occupies your home -- no matter how hard you try to keep them out. Since it's unlikely you'll be able to convince your kiddos to live sans stuffed animals, you may as well get on board with the cutest, greenest varieties available. Here are some of our favorites. We love that you can build your own imaginary creatures with these quirky interchangeable, modular Chimeras toys. These organic cotton plush toys from Hazel Village are made even cuter by their precious back stories. A garden-tending fox? Sign us up. Mrs. Jermyn's Mr. Tedi Bears are upcycled from button-down shirts, giving them quite the debonair flair. Even robots can be softies, as evidenced by Bloofbird's plush robots which are made from vibrantly colored eco felt. One look into the eyes of Design Lab's raccoon and fox huggables and kiddos will be in love. We love that they are made from upcycled materials like super soft cashmere sweaters. Here's a fun assortment of handmade stuffed animals crafted by Etsy artists -- from owls to dinosaurs. What's even cozier than your favorite winter sweater? A personable teddy bear made from previously loved sweaters -- and each comes with a sweet sweater or scarf of its own. Cate & Levi's collection of stuffed toys is made from reclaimed wool and feature colorful creatures ranging from chickens to sting-rays. Here's to lots of snuggling with sweet plush toys!