Intoxicated, Breastfeeding Mom Reportedly Pleads Guilty to Child Neglect

A woman in Grand Forks, N.D. has reportedly pleaded guilty to child neglect after she was found breastfeeding her newborn baby while intoxicated, LiveScience reports.

The serious effects of drinking while pregnant are very clear, but how much one can drink after giving birth and while breastfeeding isn't as studied.

Lori-Feldman Winter, division head of Adolescent Medicine at Cooper University Hospital in New Jersey, tells LiveScience that a glass of wine once in a while is one thing, but that "excessive alcohol while breastfeeding is harmful to a baby who is breastfeeding. We don't know the full extent of how much harm, because many of the women who drink excessively after [delivery] have already been drinking excessively while they were pregnant."

Winter adds that, fortunately, "most people who breastfeed choose to breastfeed because they are concerned and interested in the health and well-being of their child, so the overwhelming majority of women who breastfeed, if they do drink any alcohol they do so in moderation, so there's no problem."

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