Weird Science: Wacky Parenting News That's Actually True

Parenting is more of an art form than a science, but we've come across some pretty amazing scientific research in this realm. For instance, scientists found children's cells living in their mother's brains , as male cells were in the brains of women , sometimes decades after giving birth. And a new study takes some of the pressure off the nutrition habits of meticulous moms-to-be by finding that you are what your father eats. If your daughter needs to improve in math and science, scientists believe that playing boys games may help girls achieve success in these two key subjects . Moms of sons may not want to hear it, but research also shows that mothers of sons may have shorter lifespans than mothers of daughters . Present-day diapering options leave a lot to be desired in terms of being green, but get a load of this report that diapers of the future may be made from carbon dioxide. Did you know that co-sleeping results in lower testosterone for dads, which may equal greater benefits for kids ? For all those parents who have watched in horror as their baby's pacifier fell on the ground, the good news is, spit cleaning your baby's pacifier with your saliva may actually lessen his risk of developing eczema and asthma !