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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Brandygirlbrandy drinkDutch2Register to vote
2KaatjegirlpureDutch2Register to vote
3KaliegirlDutch1Register to vote
4Nellekegirla hornDutch0Register to vote
5Schuylergirlshield, scholarDutch0Register to vote
6TrynegirlpureDutch0Register to vote
7Vangirlfrom, ofDutch3Register to vote
8DemanboymanDutch0Register to vote
9Derickboyruler of the peopleDutch2Register to vote
10Gantuboyearth pigDutch0Register to vote
11KylerboyarcherDutch10Register to vote
12Maartenboyfondness of warDutch2Register to vote
13Rooseveltboyfield of rosesDutch1Register to vote
14Rykerboysurname form of RichardDutch7Register to vote
15Schuylerboyshield, scholarDutch1Register to vote
16Vanboyfrom, ofDutch26Register to vote
17Vandykeboyresidence nameDutch1Register to vote
18Wagnerboywagon driverDutch1Register to vote
19ZeemanboyseamanDutch1Register to vote
20KyrziagirlDutch1Register to vote
21SylarboyDutch1Register to vote
22FarellgirlBeautiful, intelligent, hoseheadDutch0Register to vote
23Raegengirlmy nameDutch3Register to vote
24ChengirloptimisticDutch0Register to vote
25ShanayegirlDutch1Register to vote
26ShanaegirlDutch1Register to vote
27JilliseagirlDutch0Register to vote
28Westinboybold, meant to be strongDutch3Register to vote
29Vanderboyfrom the surname Van Der - meaning "of the"Dutch2Register to vote
30CarleegirlDutch2Register to vote
31MylisagirlGift of JoyDutch1Register to vote
32Mariellagirlversion of the dutch name MarielDutch0Register to vote
33KaalyngirlStrong. Willful leader. Yet feminine. Dutch2Register to vote
34SlamuellagirlLover of herbs,and spices.Dutch0Register to vote
35AmayahgirlGoodnight / rainy nightDutch0Register to vote
36SorenboySternDutch0Register to vote
37JoskegirlJozefDutch0Register to vote
37 names total