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1Abhagirllustrous beautyHindu2Register to vote
2AbhilashagirldesireHindu0Register to vote
3Achalgirlsteady, mountainousHindu0Register to vote
4Achitgirl seperationHindu2Register to vote
5AdhiragirllightningHindu2Register to vote
6AdishreegirlexaltedHindu0Register to vote
7Aditigirlfree and unboundedHindu2Register to vote
8Ahimsagirlnonviolent virtueHindu1Register to vote
9Ajaygirlunconquerable, godHindu0Register to vote
10Akankshagirldesire, wishHindu0Register to vote
11AkritigirldiagramHindu0Register to vote
12AkshitagirlseenHindu1Register to vote
13AkutigirlprincessHindu0Register to vote
14AlankritagirlHindu1Register to vote
15Alkagirllong hairHindu1Register to vote
16AlpagirllittleHindu0Register to vote
17Amalgirlbright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dreamHindu1Register to vote
18Amandeepgirllight of peaceHindu1Register to vote
19AmbargirlskyHindu1Register to vote
20Amberleygirlthe skyHindu1Register to vote
21Ambikagirlgoddess of destructionHindu1Register to vote
22AmishagirlHindu2Register to vote
23Amitagirlwithout limitsHindu0Register to vote
24AmritagirlimmortalityHindu0Register to vote
25Anamikagirlwithout a nameHindu0Register to vote
26AnargirlpomegranateHindu0Register to vote
27Anikagirlvery beautiful, gracefulHindu14Register to vote
28AnjaligirlofferingHindu1Register to vote
29Anjanagirlmother of HanumanHindu0Register to vote
30Ankitagirlwith auspicious marksHindu0Register to vote
31Annapurnagirlone of the Hindu GoddessesHindu0Register to vote
32AnshugirlsunbeamHindu0Register to vote
33Anupamagirlwithout equalHindu0Register to vote
34Anuradhagirla bright starHindu0Register to vote
35AnusreegirlprettyHindu0Register to vote
36Anvitagirlwho bridges the gapHindu0Register to vote
37Aolanigirlcloud from heavenHindu0Register to vote
38AparajitagirlundefeatedHindu0Register to vote
39AparnagirlgoddessHindu0Register to vote
40Artigirlprayer ceremonyHindu0Register to vote
41ArunagirlradianceHindu0Register to vote
42Arushigirlfirst ray of the sunHindu0Register to vote
43Ashagirlhope, lifeHindu1Register to vote
44AshimagirllimitlessHindu0Register to vote
45AshritagirldependantHindu0Register to vote
46Askinigirldaughter ofHindu0Register to vote
47AsmitagirlprideHindu1Register to vote
48AthaliagirlGod is exalted, the lord is mightyHindu0Register to vote
49AtmajagirldaughterHindu0Register to vote
50AvanigirlearthHindu0Register to vote
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