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1Ainsleygirlmy meadowScottish25Register to vote
2Bonniegirlsweet and goodScottish3Register to vote
3GreargirlwatchfulScottish0Register to vote
4Janetgirlvariant of JaneScottish2Register to vote
5Logangirllittle hollowScottish7Register to vote
6Maisiegirlchild of lightScottish3Register to vote
7Nairnegirlfrom the narrow river gladeScottish0Register to vote
8Vanoragirlwhite waveScottish1Register to vote
9Alastairboyprotector of mankind, defender, helperScottish7Register to vote
10Andersonboyson of AndrewScottish4Register to vote
11Atholboyplace nameScottish1Register to vote
12BairdboyminstrelScottish1Register to vote
13BairnboychildScottish1Register to vote
14Camdenboyfrom the winding valleyScottish12Register to vote
15Chalmersboyson of the lordScottish0Register to vote
16Dallasboyplace name, wiseScottish6Register to vote
17DavisboyDavid's sonScottish4Register to vote
18Douglasboyfrom the dark waterScottish6Register to vote
19Gibboyform of Gilbert; famous pledgerScottish0Register to vote
20Gilboyform of Gilbert; red-haired boyScottish0Register to vote
21Ianboyform of JohnScottish10Register to vote
22IrvingboyhandsomeScottish1Register to vote
23Lairdboylord, landed gentryScottish2Register to vote
24Leithboywide riverScottish0Register to vote
25Lennoxboyamid the lems, from the field of elm treesScottish3Register to vote
26Loganboylittle hollowScottish41Register to vote
27MacauleyboyrighteousScottish0Register to vote
28Malcolmboyroyal bloodScottish2Register to vote
29Malcomboydisciple of Saint ColumbiaScottish3Register to vote
30Murdockboyvictorious at seaScottish1Register to vote
31Nairneboyfrom the narrow river gladeScottish0Register to vote
32Ogilvyboyfrom the high peakScottish0Register to vote
33Peytonboyform of PatrickScottish16Register to vote
34TavisboytwinScottish1Register to vote
35TearlachboyScottish0Register to vote
36TormodboyScottish0Register to vote
37UilleamboyScottish1Register to vote
38UisdeanboyScottish1Register to vote
39KallanboystrongScottish7Register to vote
40Maisygirlchild of lightScottish3Register to vote
41Aleshagirlmy babyScottish4Register to vote
42BryceAnngirlScottish0Register to vote
43LachlanboyScottish2Register to vote
44BrileygirlSteady, strongScottish3Register to vote
45Mackinleyboyson of the fair hero or son of the white warriorScottish2Register to vote
46McKynsiegirlvariation of Mackenzie Scottish0Register to vote
47ShaleahgirlRoseScottish0Register to vote
48StirlinggirlTown in ScotlandScottish0Register to vote
49KathronScottish0Register to vote
50Teaneygirl Scottish0Register to vote
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