Adventures in Balcony Diving

No, that was not just a catchy title I came up with.  There is a really story to go with this title.  My daughter Angie is one of those kids that you can’t take your eyes off of.  This past weekend my husband went away for the weekend to go snowmobiling with some friends and then watch the Super Bowl.  Well needless to say, when he goes away the house turns into a zoo.  I mean literally the second he walks out the door my kids think it is party time.  I am a little too much of a softie.

I went downstairs to the basement to put wood in our wood furnace.  Meanwhile, my daughter is upstairs by herself.  Keep in mind this was maybe five minutes of time.  When I get upstairs I noticed she had drug her mattress all the way from her bedroom out to the middle of the living room area.  I am thinking in my head that she has some idea that she is going to have her own little slumber party in the living room.  I start to get into mommy rant mode as I walk upstairs to see what she is up to.

I walk up to my upstairs bedroom because I can’t find her and am really annoyed about having the mattress pulled into the living room.  When I get up the stairs I find her… and a string tied to my upstairs balcony.  The mattress was positioned directly under the balcony.  I think she was planning to bungee jump, minus the bungee cord, from the upstairs balcony to the mattress below.  See how crazy my life is!

Actually my daughter is a lot like me, except that I am a scaredy-cat.  I like that about her even though she is very difficult to parent.  Every time I get upset with her crazy behavior and strong willed nature, I have to remind myself of what a difficult child I was for my parents.   I wasn’t really that bad, but I was constantly getting into things and challenging my dad to the point of frustration.  The difference is my sister and I were twins so we worked in tandem to get into things.  I would be the look out and I would direct her on what to do.   Angie doesn’t have the benefit of a look-out twin though so she usually gets caught.

I don’t worry about Angie too much because I think some of the same characteristics that get her into trouble will be what helps her do well in life at some point down the road.  She is inquisitive, persistent, and not afraid of anything.  We did deal with the balcony diving incident but I couldn’t help but find it funny even though she could have seriously gotten hurt.  I tried to keep my thoughts to myself on this because the last thing she needs is to think that I think that this is funny and okay to do.  But, as I deal with her as a mom and a parent, I want to correct her and guide her without parenting away her inquisitive adventurous side.

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