It’s Okay to Be a Mommy with a Big Mouth

Many of you may not realize this but I have a big mouth.  I don’t mean that I am chatty either.  I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself and struggle to keep myself in check.  I often find myself reacting quickly to something and blurting out my thoughts only to later regret whatever it was that I thought I needed to say.

Part of the reason I have a big mouth is because I come from a large Irish family.  For those of you that have an Irish family, you probably know what I am talking about.   That is not the only reason though.  I was raised by my parents to speak my mind and to always stand up for what is right.   For the most part, I am glad I was taught to think like this.  What I wasn’t taught though, was that you don’t have to be a big mouth to speak your mind.  So as I have gotten older I have attempted to gain a little maturity and not just blurt things out just because I am right, or think I am anyway.

Well needless to say, old habits die hard.  I still find myself saying what I think and later wishing I had just chilled or kept my thoughts to myself.  I can be a bit high strung and obnoxious sometimes.  I can even hear myself talking sometimes and thinking the whole time that I am talking would you please shut up girl.  Yet, I still ramble on.  Do you ever get on your own nerves?  I surely hope I am not the only one to admit this, but I do.

Not only do I have a big mouth, but I sit and worry about it more than I think normal people do.  I tend to over analyze things I say and worry about how people take things that I say.  What’s worse is the harder I try to repress my big mouth, the worse I am with this.  So I finally said to myself the other night, this is stupid and who cares.  There are worse problems to have in life than being a big mouth.  I know plenty of people in my life that have the opposite problem and can’t speak up even when they want to so I guess this isn’t such a terrible problem to have.

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