Daily Archives March 15, 2009

Ongoing battle with mastitis

Yep, ongoing. Won’t go away with only 7 days of meds so we are doing 10 this time around and hopefully it will kick it in the butt. This time it was because of clogged ducts and that is because I am weaning. I also got a fever for 24 hrs. The good thing? I…

Elimination Communication revisited

Getting back into elimination communication, after having taken a month long break from it, has been extremely difficult. Jonah’s eating pattern has changed drastically, as we not only have started giving him formula to ensure that he is getting the proper ounces of milk, but he has also started taking solid foods on a regular…

File it under g – for good gracious that looks good!

I always assumed that when I found my partner in life that they would be the one to help me ‘get my act together’. I mean, my act was good – it was financially ticking over quite well and, due to many many hours in the gym, I was very happy with myself physically.  I…