2 things that are not conducive to family planning

1. Wallpapering in a small space with the man you love. Only to be attempted by the truly insane, preferably on a weekend when it is sunny and warm and likely to be one of the last true hot weekends before winter hits. If you can, choose a paper that has a pattern that repeats never rarely. Then, choose the wrong glue so that the first 3 pieces fall off the wall. 6 hours later, admire the first 3 pieces that have stuck to the wall. Crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate a job half-done.
2. Financial planning at 10pm on a Sunday night. Ideally, lull your loved one into submission with wine and a good movie. Heck, go all out and make them dinner too. Wait until they are warm and snuggled on the couch, this is your chance to pounce. Start talking about ROI, business buying strategies and selling properties. Finish with a riveting read from a business book. Good times!
The romance, it’s overflowing sometimes. It’s a wonder it’s taken us so long to conceive. Really.

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