Baby Games

My little man has discovered a new game! It’s absolutely adorable, and I just couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. He now plays Peek-a-boo!

He pulls a blanket over his head (usually not entirely, but we still pretend we can’t see him), and then yanks it down really quickly! Over and over and over and over and over and over and over… But it’s adorable that he’s having so much fun and after such a length of painful teething, it’s great to see his new game.

He also can crawl UP things now. He takes the stairs like a pro and is generally a rambunctious little guy who wants to get into and play with everything. It’s one of those really fun times being a mom! As a new mom, it’s hard sometimes when the realization strikes that I am his mom and he’s growing up to be a little man already. It was 9-months ago that he was my newborn baby and 18-months ago when he was just a little bean. Although that sounds like a very long time, as all parents know, it passes quickly.

Sometimes I like to just sit back and think about the early days, when he was still a newborn. We have an oversized ottoman that we’ve also used as a changing table, only back then we stacked diapers and wipes on it – and they were left alone! Now we’ve learned that anything three feet or lower is fair game, so our house is becoming quite minimalistic. We’ve also learned that anything just out of reach will be whined at, for and about. It used to be so quiet in our house when he was a newborn, I would sit and watch him sleep or sew by hand while sitting next to where he was sleeping. Now I’m thankful when he naps and it’s my only few moments of quiet time!

The games that babies play, from when they are newborns, are always thrilling for parents to see, even though we may not recognize it right away. When he crawls off and looks back at us, we know his smiling face is taunting us to chase him. The way his eyes light up when we sing and sign ABC’s and when Daddy hugs Mommy (this is not allowed, you see), it’s truly a joy to know that all the care and effort we gave in the early days has produced such a confident, happy little man. Even though he still doesn’t want to be around anyone else, we know he’s our little heartbreaker. The one game he still plays is flirting with all the women he sees – in his little “shy boy” way. He’s so much like his daddy!

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