Ok, so I have this friend, right? And, she kind of wants to be pregnant. It’s not me, it’s my friend, see.

How do you write about something you’re trying not to think about so that it will increase the chances of it happening? And if not writing about it, or talking about it, increases the chances of it happening, then how does that jive with ‘the Secret‘*? If I am meditating and visualizing** it every day to make it happen, isn’t that contradictory to making it happen by not thinking about it.

I’m so confused.

So this thing, right? It’s that thing that I was really focusing on last month and now I’m taking the exact opposite approach. Only, it’s not quite working. I’m still thinking about it.

And now, well now some nice people have agreed to let me write about it even more. So stoked! So breaking the ‘no thinking about it’ rule.
Did these nice people say yes because:
a) I did not think about it, therefore pushing it out of my brain and letting it happen (a la non-watched pot quickly boiling)
b) I was thinking about wanting to be a [that word that is not to be mentioned***] and so this website about becoming a [word that will not be mentioned this month] said yes to me writing more about wanting to become a [the word we’re not mentioning this month].
* We had a good laugh watching the video. I am visualizing a cheese sandwich. Oh LOOK! A cheese sandwich has manifested in front of me.
** This approach may work, but good lord the video was CHEESY.
*** Mum, okay, the word is mum.   Jeepers, you people are pushy.

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