Remember that talk I had about procrastination

Well… here I go again.  Darn it.  I am trying so hard to be more organized and self disciplined but it is so hard.  I have a couple of homework assignments I need to do and so what do I decide to do instead… post a blog post.

It all started this morning.  I normally set a little time aside each morning to post on my school’s discussion board (posting is required).  When I first started the program, I found myself wanting to reply to every single post out of habit.  I am so used to JM’s discussion boards that I would find myself wanting to post a “Wednesday whines and woohoos” on the discussion board at class.  I had to force myself not to use the discussion board to socialize since I am sure that this would have annoyed half the students and probably the teacher too.  Now that I am used to posting though, it isn’t so exciting anymore.

Usually it isn’t very hard to come up with something to post, but today I read the teacher’s discussion thread and it just made my brain hurt.  We are talking about mutual funds… oh yeah.  What is the difference between an open and closed fund and ETF?  Who knows!  I sure don’t.  So I couldn’t just post some nonsense and hope I got it right.  I actually need to go read about this and try to understand what the heck we are talking about.  I don’t want to.  I just want to do nothing.  It is Friday, Friday, Friday!  I just want to have some fun instead.  Wah…

So someone please tell me everything you know about mutual funds as quick as you can so I don’t have to think so hard today.  Eh, I guess I must go to work on school now and stop procrastinating.  The sooner I get this done the sooner I can go stare at my sprouts.

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