The day before, a year ago…

I have to write this post. Every mom does but rather than writing it tomorrow, I am writing it today because I remember the anticipation I was feeling a year ago today. I woke up knowing that this would be the last day of bed rest & monitoring. I even let myself get up and walk around. We were all anxious and trying to take up time. Our good friend, Julie, came over to have dinner and take pics of me and the big belly.

This is what Daddy was doing waiting for the big day, LOL!

Somehow, we managed to sleep that night albeit not very well. We were both so excited about finally meeting Sofi, Gabi, and Ian. We wanted to “see” our children and who they looked like. We were also TERRIFIED. We wanted them to come out healthy. We were hoping and praying for little to no NICU time, but knew that realistically many things could go wrong.

Too many mixed emotions. Not enough time to deal with them because as slowly as the time seemed to be going, it was also flying by. Tomorrow we were going to meet our babies, our 2 daughters and our son.

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