When I’m awake Mommy can’t…

I’m very proud of myself; I’ve added another thing to the long list of things that Mommy can’t do while I’m awake. Today’s addition to the list is vacuuming. I started trying to catch the vacuum when I was crawling; after I started walking I tried to pounce on it and go for a ride. Mommy found that funny so today I tried a new tactic, unplugging it. When Mommy turns the vacuum cleaner on I pull the plug out of the wall. Mommy called me a little stinker the first time; she finally gave up the ninth time. I thought it was really funny and didn’t understand why she didn’t want to play that game anymore. So far mommy can’t load the dishwasher, clean the floor, pick up toys, clean the bathroom or the tables when I’m awake. Hmmm I wonder what I can add to that list next.

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