Why is That Kids Like to Watch the Same TV Show Over and Over and Over

I am sure I can’t be the only mom to stop and wonder about this.  My daughter Lyndsey, who is three, wakes up every morning on the wrong side of the bed.  Her first demand of the day is either “Can I have some Rice Crispies?” or “I want to watch Dora.”  Thank God for cable on demand because every single day, rain or shine, Lyndsey wants to watch Dora.  She will watch the exact same show that over and over and over again because they just don’t update the On Demand shows that frequently.  Every now and then she will want to watch another show besides Dora, but Dora is definitely her favorite TV show.

In Lyndsey’s defense, I can sort of understand how she can watch the same show over and over because I have to admit I have a few movies that I have watched many times myself.  I have bad taste in movies just in case you wondered.   I like three types of movies and will watch the same ones over and over.  I like zombie movies, world coming to an end movies, and alien movies.  I have watched Dawn of the Dead so many times I have lost count.  It is so lame, but I still watch it.  I am sure this was something you were dying to know about me.

Anyway, back to Dora and her spell on Lyndsey.  I don’t know about you, but what really drives me crazy with Lyndsey is how she has a melt down when she wants to watch a particular show and it isn’t on.  She is so spoiled with the On Demand programs that she doesn’t understand that they are not all On Demand.  How do you reason with a three year old that insists that she wants to watch Kai-lan and wants to watch it now?  I know I was talking to another JM mom about this recently when her son was having a melt down because he wanted to watch a particular TV show.  Kids can be quite frustrating when it comes to watching TV.

Just for fun, I did a little research on why kids like to watch the same show over and over again.  According to Anne Wood, mom and creator of the kid show Teletubbies, kids like to watch the same shows over and over because they like the predictability.  They like knowing what is coming next because it makes the show easier to follow.

This makes perfect sense to me because this is exactly the same reason why I like to watch Dawn of the Dead over and over.  It is kind of a cheesy movie, but I like to watch it over and over because I don’t have to worry if I miss a scene and I don’t have to pay a lot of attention to it.  Plus, I don’t handle suspense well so I like to know what is coming next.

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