Goodbye my favorite yellow friend!

Farewell Symphony,
my favorite yellow friend.
Our special time together,
is coming to an end.

All the sleepless nights,
are now in the past.
Where did all the time go?
It went really fast.

The first goal was 3 months,b
but somehow I made it past 1 year.
I hold you precious Symphony,
as a precious friend and peer.

I am hanging up the horns,
today was finally it.
No more sterilizing,
those tiny little bits.

Gone are the fevers,
and going to the doctor.
Dealing with cracking nipples,
that are really, really sore.

No longer living,
by when I need to pump.
Or not drinking alcohol,
Only to pump and dump.

So, to you
my late night companion.
I bid a fond farewell,
Our relationship is done.

Yes, this is it. Today was the last day that I was hooked up to my friend, the Medela Symphony. The precious machine has helped me feed my children for 13 months. There were moments I hated it and cried knowing I had to go up to pump. Now, I cry because I know my girls will no longer be getting momma’s milk. Ian will continue to nurse as long as he wants.

The rest as they say is history.

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  • Love the poem. What a sweet way of letting go. I remember my pumping days well.

  • I also used the Symphony. I admire you for sticking with it as long as you did. I did not have the will power that you do when it comes to the “little yellow friend”

  • Thank you both. It was a big deal to get this far. The least I could do was write a poem. I may even stick a copy of it in the case for the next woman that receives it.

  • I think the cracked nipples, fevers, and living by when I need to pump might scare her away from pumping. LOL

    How about you tell her to read this poem when you are ready to pass it on and add your own lines to it but don’t read it until you are done.

  • Love the idea Patty!