The Moo Family has a New Moo!

Earlier today my husband comes in with the lap top to show me something.  Usually when he brings me the lap top to show me something it is some type of must have boating, fishing, or snowmobiling thing he has to have so I quickly said NO!  I haven’t totally mastered the art of saying no, but I do pretty well with saying no to these things.

Well when I looked at the page there was a cute little pooch.  We have been talking about getting a dog for the kids for a while, but I just hadn’t said yes yet.  We used to have two dogs when we lived in Georgia, actually two dogs and one cat.  When we lived in Georgia we were out in the country so it was easy to have pets.

But, since moving to Michigan I have been reluctant to have a dog.   Our old house wasn’t the best situation for a dog.  It was close to a highway and we lost two dogs at this house so I just didn’t want to go through that again.  It is hard on the kids and so we kind of pushed the doggy subject out of our minds for a while.  Since we moved into our new house, we have been talking about it a little more.  I have been procrastinating on it so I had time to think on it.

When he showed me the dog he liked, he asked me if I would rather get a puppy or rescue a dog from the pound.  I felt better about rescuing a dog.  It is nice having a puppy but I felt better about getting a dog from the pound.  My kids are really excited and our little doggy seems to be fitting in just fine.  He is pretty easy going and hasn’t growled or barked yet.  He has, however, been marking his new territory.  I hope he is actually house broken but if he isn’t it’s nothing we can’t handle… Right?  Someone say yes.

If you want to see our latest moo here he is.

He still doesn’t have a name but the kids are leaning towards Sparky.  What do you think?  Should we go with Sparky or encourage them to come up with something more original?

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  • He looks like a Sparky to me!

  • We have a couple more name possibilities. Jeremy likes Spirit and Kelly likes Clifford inspired by the lake we live near and the TV show. Sparky is kind of growing on me but I don’t know… It isn’t very original. I have some pressure from the moo crew to decide on a name. I seem to have the last word on moo names in my house. I will be back with a name update later.

  • Well he has a name now… Sparky it is. Everyone is calling him Sparky so we are just going to go with Sparky. Not original but hey none of my moos’ names are really that original.

  • I like Sparky and its better than Kappy which is our dog’s name.
    (btw my dog and your dog are almost identical!)

  • Too funny Trish! I am glad to know Sparky has a twin.

    This morning dh was talking about whether or not he liked the name. I think we both were hoping the kids would come up with something more unique. They are all excited about Sparky so I don’t want to disappoint them or confused the poor dog any more than he already is. He is really a sweet dog. Other than needing work on where to go potty, I like him. I have a feeling that may be why he was at the pound but he is a real sweetie so I will deal with it.

    Oh and yesterday Sparky inspired a very interesting conversation about what “neuter” means. Yeh, that was fun.

  • Awwww!!!! I love him! He also looks a lot like our dog!

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