Triplet Feeding Table vs Highchairs

The winner…our new homemade triplet feeding table! Gone are the days of cleaning chair covers & in the deepest of crevices. Gone are the days of folding 3 high chairs in to “space saver” mode (ha…space saver mode my ass…not TIMES 3). Gone are the days of cleaning 3 trays and cursing the wheels because they won’t roll, I’m sure because food is stuck in there. GONE…GONE…GONE…ALL GONE!

After seeing another triplet mommy’s hubby make a triplet table, I said we could do the same. After all, we had a spare countertop collecting dust in the garage. All we had to do was buy the seats. So, I did. Little did Todd know that he would eventually have a BIG project on his hands.

Problem?  Make legs sturdy enough to hold 3 kids. Hmmmm…

On one of our daily walks…I’m sure you are wondering what a walk has to do with a solution but give me a chance to get through it.

On one of our daily walks, we happened along a beautiful solid oak table sitting out with a sign taped to it. It had been painted over but it was FREE!

Yes. I did. I knocked on the door & told the woman that I would like to set the table aside & come back for it after we finished our walk. And that is how we got the table!

We have had it for a couple of weeks now and Todd finally had the opportunity to put all the pieces together. The seats cost us $25 a piece. Cutting boards (came in a set of 4 at Target), $9.99. The table, free. Labor, free. Total price $85. If we had purchased one, we would have paid a minimum of $300 plus shipping.

It is taking a bit of getting use to. The kids aren’t accustomed to being right next to each other. Breakfast was about taking food from the other’s placemat, grabbing one another, grabbing the safety belt, etc. Lunch went a bit more smoothly.

We even tried story time afterwards & it was fantastic b/c I didn’t have to move the book for all to see.

Not only that, we are now using big kid sippies! We are leaving the NUBY’s in the dust! Gabi and Sofi love these sippies with a straw.

I know Ian doesn’t have one but he looked so happy that I had to post the picture!

My official recommendation, either buy or make your own triplet feeding table! Totally worth it!

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