Triplet Table Details

Many of you asked how we made the table. Wish I had taken pictures of the progress but Todd was working outside and I was inside with the kids. I can tell you the process though.

1. Find a solid table, at least 60″ (5′ long). Yes, that long!
2. Find the type of seats you would like for your table. You can google “Toddler Table Replacement Seats”. Here are links to 2 different chairs. Ours are from the 1st link.

Replacement Seat
Replacement Seat #2

3. This is the tricky part. My dad and I actually made the “mold” for the cutout by using a box. We did it there first so that we could make sure that it was right before the cuts were made on the table.
4. Todd made a straight line across the table where the front of the chairs would go. You will notice that the seats are set further back on the table and that was done to give the kids plenty of table space in front of them.
5. From there, he outlined the hole using the “mold” created.
6. Using a jig saw, he cut the holes.
7. The seats were put in the holes and screws/bolts were used to keep them in place (the holes are already there for them).
8. I found a set of 4 cutting boards at Target (red, yellow, green, & white). I can’t find them online though. They are very thin, almost as thin as placemats. Both sides are flat. We glued them down with clear caulking.

I think that is it! If you have any other questions about the process, please let me know via comment.

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