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She should know who she is

So, I have this friend and she has a blog. I love reading her blog because she applies her own great sense of humor and outlook to different situations that occur in her life. And, despite what she might sometimes think of herself, I think she’s very brave and an inspiration. I’ve done things in…

Super Sonic Day!

Tee-hee! If you are from the South, you know all about Sonic. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ok, so it isn’t so much the food although they have killer tots and cheese that I enjoy eating very much, it is the drinks. Yep, their drinks are the bestest in the whole world. Not the alcoholic kind either. Um, ok,…

Adding a sign

Tonight at dinner, I decided to offer Jonah a biter biscuit. We call them cookies, and use the sign for cookie which is a C shape placed to the palm of the other hand, and twisted as if making circles for a cookie on a plate.We have been emphasizing the sign for apple at mealtime,…

I am in a funk

There is just way too many things going on right now and I feel so emotional all the time. I am still coming to turns with Sarah being pregnant and being a grandmother and all of the stuff that goes along with that. On top of that James is graduating in less than 10 days…

Pee on my Corn Flakes

I don’t even eat Corn Flakes, but if I did I’m certain I would be helping myself to a big old helping of already been peed on Corn Flakes.  It seems that we cannot catch a break in this house because just when everyone started feeling better someone else had to go and get sick…this…

Picture of the Day: "Blue vs. Brown"

I’m the odd person out on all sides of my family. All of my dad’s family has brown eyes, my mom’s parents have brown eyes, my mom, aunt, and all my siblings have green eyes. John has brown eyes, and the boys have brown eyes. (Though Zach’s are the brown of my dad’s not John’s…)…

Weekly Confessions (5/19-25)

Alright, here are this week’s weekly confessions. While I love my boys, I’m not missing them while they’re at my mom’s. Zach has not set foot in our house since last Friday morning, and he thinks he’s spending his entire summer break at my mom’s house – and I’m tempted to let him. I put…

My Stash! A Rainbow of Diapers!

Since we are using disposables right now, I have a very rare chance to see my entire stash, in one place.  The grand total: 37 diapers.  In truth, there are more because I have Gro Baby and G Diapers, which can be used with many inserts.  And I have some prefolds.  Here is a photo…

My son is lacking a fluffy bum :(

I, the Queen of Cloth, have my son is disposables for the time being.  I came to the hard decision to use disposables on our quick trip to Tampa, FL.  We leave tomorrow morning but I am not willing to leave my diapers dirty in the pail so I recently changed him from his last…