To me, the best part of Mother’s Day is that my children will come home from school with handmade gifts like these:

From my daughter, a fan that reads “Mom’s Biggest Fan”
Among the highlights:
*she’s awesome
*she’s a good baker
*she is cool
*she is pretty (That’s my girl!)

From my middle son, a booklet entitled “To My Mom” where he finished sentences like: “My favorite thing about my mother is…” My favorite entry is this one where he writes “My mother looks prettiest when…she’s getting married.” Apparently my Elizabeth Taylor-like persona favors home perms and flowered mu-mus as a wedding look. And yes, my arms really do look like that. The one arm got stretched out from the numerous times I’ve dragged grooms down the aisle.

And finally, from my oldest son, this acrostic poem:

The last letter, “R” reads,”R.V. lover like me”. Yes, it’s true. We are fans of recreational vehicles. I do find it ironic that my pickiest eater deemed me “The Best Cook”. I’m chalking that one up to creative license as the only thing I make that he actually enjoys is boxed mac & cheese.

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  • Those are great! One of the drawbacks of homeschooling is that I don’t usually get little handmade things for Mother’s Day from my kids. Dh made sure I had flowers, a card, and some gifts but none of them were handmade.

    Love the affirmations!