My son is lacking a fluffy bum :(

I, the Queen of Cloth, have my son is disposables for the time being.  I came to the hard decision to use disposables on our quick trip to Tampa, FL.  We leave tomorrow morning but I am not willing to leave my diapers dirty in the pail so I recently changed him from his last cloth diaper to his first disposable for a few days.

We decided to buy Huggies Pure and Natural.  They are made with organic cotton and lack many of the chemicals found in traditional disposables.  I have heard good things about their performance, smell (they aren’t supposed to smell like a sposie), and feel.  I was hoping to find the disposables that are made from corn and break down but I couldn’t.

Why aren’t I using G Diapers?  Well, I was hoping to use them but I ruled them out because I only have 3 covers.  There is a laundry facility but I would be having to wash my covers quite a few times while in Tampa.

Many of you may find my decision shocking, or you might think I am lazy.  I am feeling pretty bad about my decision too.  But, if you saw us on our last trip you may understand why I want to simplify my life for 4 days.

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  • We use disposables when traveling too. Over the long weekend, we stayed with friends who don’t have a washer and dryer, and it would be cutting it close to running out of diapers by the time we’d be able to get to the wash once home. I hated it; he crinkled when he crawled! But, it wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t have wanted to do poop laundry over my mini vacation anyway 🙂

    We used seventh generation and another unbleached biodegradable kind. (I don’t remember the brand name) It was hilarious because I’ve never bought sposies for Jonah, so I had no clue what size he was! The diapers were huge on him LOL

  • Yeah, I an clueless about sposie sizes also. Luckily my PR discusses diaper sizes so I eyeballed him vs the other babies and their size diapers. It worked!