Straight from the closet – domestic goddess

Why is it that you only hit your holiday stride after a week on holiday? Perhaps I just take that long to de-compress and become a bit more normal.

The old biological tock has been tick-tocking and has manifested itself via some rhubarb muffins this morning, the completion of one project and near completion of a second. I’ve so enjoyed actually working on something that has a product at the end, one where you can see the progress while you’re working on it. Ok, and something that’s for a little person.
model required!

The second project is a smock or apron for crafting and general mucking around. It’s my first project using a pattern and it was an experiment to see if I could. I ran out of binding for the neckline and ties at the back, but you get the idea.


pockets for sweets, glue, spoons etc.

I love the idea of making something unique and not available at your local store – plus the added bonus of extra love included.

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