Super Sonic Day!

Tee-hee! If you are from the South, you know all about Sonic. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ok, so it isn’t so much the food although they have killer tots and cheese that I enjoy eating very much, it is the drinks. Yep, their drinks are the bestest in the whole world. Not the alcoholic kind either. Um, ok, you CAN put some vodka in their flavored drinks, the cherry limeade to be exact, and it is quite delish BUT since those days are in the past, a straight up cherry limeade is what I craved today.

So, I did what any other person craving a drink or snack would do. I got in the car and went. The kids and I went on a mini field trip to Sonic! It was their 1st trip to this famous drive in fast food joint and I think they quite enjoyed themselves! Ok, *I* enjoyed it because I felt normal.

I don’t know why I hesitate on going out with the kids. It isn’t hard at all. I already have a diaper bag packed so all I have to do is put shorts on the kids (yeah, we live in onesies), fold up the stroller (just in case I get a wild hair up my ass & decide to go in somewhere) and put them in the car. Not hard, not at all.

I think it is lack of practice. Lack of experience. Since I’m not use to doing it, I think it is going to be much harder than what it is. Bleh. I need to get over it.

Back to our adventure. It was fun. The kids love being in the car. I even got them popcorn chicken and tots for lunch. They got a bite of it in the car because if you know about Sonic, you know you have eat in the car. It’s a drive in & that is all the fun! I even made sure to call Daddy to tell him we were “eating out”.

Life is good. I am happy. Very happy. I have 3 beautiful kids, a wonderful hubby that I adore, & 2 cats that are tolerant of the 3 kids. I get to stay at home (my dream) and take care of my kids. I have a little business going that is actually making me some spending cash and giving me a creative outlet. I’ve lost all but 2 lbs from the baby weight. Ah, time to reflect on the good!

Can’t forget pictures of the kids, can I?

Ian trying to get in the toy box.

Sofi & Ian playing together.

Sofi LOVES to be in the container with the toys. It’s her new thing.

Just to prove to you that Gabi does this EVERY time I get the dern camera out. I’m never going to get a decent shot of her if she keeps hammin’ it up!

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  • I love Sonic!! I was introduced to Sonic when I lived in Texas, and when I moved back to Ohio I missed them so. But we’ve finally started getting them up here!!! You’re right; their drinks are the BEST. Their onion rings are also not to miss 🙂

  • You know what I love about Sonic? HAPPY HOUR!

  • Oh my. I did not need to read this. We didn’t have a Sonic near us or at least I didn’t think we did. Last week Sarah and I found one only 15 miles away. I wish I hadn’t now.

  • Sonic is great – I agree, Happy Hour is the best! And YAY for eating out with the kids!