Unconditional love

I recently had an email exchange with my mother-in-law, who is not really my mother-in-law, but close enough. Anyway, we were talking about men and life and parenting and unconditional love was mentioned and she said “I pretty much have unconditional love for Wesley and Neely.” She explained that “pretty much” meant “because when something happens…I have my moments. I have to adjust to things. But then I do.” I’m sure she didn’t mean it that she had moments when she didn’t love her children, just moments when she wasn’t pleased with them for whatever reason. And then it struck me. I wonder if I have ever conveyed to my children that I loved them any less than unconditionally. I wonder if in my moments of displeasure with them I have somehow given them the message that my love for them somehow changed at that moment. I mean, I certainly know in my heart that I love them unconditionally with every fiber of my being, even when they make dumb mistakes or are really irritating, but I wonder if there have ever been times when they didn’t know in their hearts that I did. I have to know that they know, ya know?

I have never doubted that my parents love me and Lord knows I have disappointed them a time or two (or three or four million, but who’s counting?). I am blessed and my hope is that my kids will always know, just like I have known, that my love for them knows no bounds, is nothing short of unconditional and unending.

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