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A belated thank you to my employer, seriously!

I’ve mentioned my first miscarriage before, I know. But what I realized today is that I didn’t mention how fantastic my employer was at the time. And, technically, I’m not even employed by them. You see, I’m a full-time contractor to my biggest, and currently only, client. That means that while on the surface of…

4th of July Photo Shoot

So, I have been playing “photographer” lately. Like I really need another hat to put on, right? The camera is Sheila’s step-daughter’s Rebel and I love it. I told everyone to save all their presents for me and pitch in to buy me either the Rebel or Nikon’s version which is called D40 or D60….

The Artistic Mind of a Three Year Old!

Not long ago I spoke about the dead silence that most mothers know – the silence that alerts you to the antics of your 2-3 year old child, sending you leaping from your task to see what sorts of shenanigans your child is up to.   I can’t remember exactly what I was doing at…

And so it begins

I finished reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child this morning and decided to jump right into a plan to help my son’s sleep issues. I actually tried to let him CIO (cry it out) a few times last night, but I was home alone and did not succeed. The maximum amount of time I allowed…

Of course it had to happen eventually

Consider this post a departure from the normal flow of my life. I’ll get to telling you about VBS in the next one, I just want to share this now. So as I said excuse the randomness of it. No movie in my 22 year existence has ever made me cry or choke up. It’s…

Ithaca- Where crunchiness roams

Today was yet another trip to Ithaca, NY.  Yes, Ithaca is “gorges”  hah hah.  Now that that is out of your system I will continue. If you aren’t aware, Ithaca is a very “green” city.  I love the fact that when I go there I am almost soggy compared to the general public.  It gives…

Rainy weekends, red wine and laundry

It’s a typical rainy winter weekend down here in the south pacific. Not particularly cold, but very very wet. Which, if you have someone great to spend it with, a good bottle of wine and some interesting reading material, is a very nice recipe to end a chaotic week with. (No, we haven’t had conversation…

OT: When it’s OK to Play With your Food

Another week, another set of appointments. I sometimes think I tell time not by the date but by the events. Is this a PT week or an OT week? Is Claire at home or daycare this week? The passing of months is marked not by the first of the month and change of the calendar,…

Mom, do you know about the bird?

“Well do you?” Conversations with my son Brandon – some funny and some not so funny. This was a recent conversation with my son Brandon.  Brandon came into my office and said, “Mom do you know about the bird?”  Then I hear, “Well Brandon’s gonna tell you about the bird.  The bird, the bird, the…