I could have gone the rest of my life without it

PMS that is. Having my IUD for the last 3.5 years, I didn’t have much of any PMS. I might get moody for a day, but I have been blessed to not have the water retention, the sore boobs, cravings, etc. that had plagued me prior to having Daniel. It was nice. I had forgotten how bad my PMS could get, until today. I already feel the twinges in my boobs and my rings are tight on my fingers, so I know I’m puffing up like a blow fish. I will probably have the horrible cramps in a day or two.

I had been looking forward to my first AF (Aunt Flo) after getting my IUD out. But was I actually looking forward to PMS?! I honestly hadn’t given it much thought, until today. Dang, I really don’t plan things well. I have yet to purchase a dress that fits for James’ graduation on Saturday and now I’ll be trying them on in the midst of PMS. Wonderful. On the bright side, at least I know it was my IUD causing the freaky weird cycles and not my body. Somehow that’s not much consolation right now.

And speaking of dresses. Neely does not understand why I need to buy a new dress. He says I have a perfectly good dress in the closet that fits and looks great on me. When I remind him that I wore it to Sarah’s graduation in 2006 his response is “what’s the problem with that?” Seriously? The same dress to both graduations? That would be so … so … uncool. And I am anything but uncool. Just nod your head, K?

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  • I tend to forget about PMS when I’m pregnant and nursing myself, and the return always – well – sucks!! I’m sorry it’s made it’s “glorious” return…

  • I was telling my husband yesterday that it might be best for everyone if they just locked me in a padded room with soothing music for one or two days each month. He agreed. Does that mean my PMS is THAT bad? 😀