Is there anything sweeter …

than a little boy bringing flowers to his mama? I don’t think there is. Well, except for this. I have this God-awful bush of Black Eyed Susans in my back yard. I hate them and want to kill them, but am too lazy to actually do it. So everyday, my sweet little boy goes outside to play, he comes back in with a handful of the sweetest flowers I have ever received and says “I picked these for you, mom.” These are of course, the same God-awful Black Eyed Susans that I detest. So after a few minutes of sitting in the house, he’ll see them lying limply on my desk and and he’ll say “did your flowers die mom?” I sadly tell him that yes, they did die and we’ll throw then in the trash. He’ll say “that’s OK mom, I’ll get you more ‘amorrow (tomorrow, for those who don’t know Daniel-speak).

So not only do I get a sweet gift from my most precious gift, but he’s one by one killing these God-awful flowers that are taking over my back yard. Keep ’em coming, Daniel!

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