Out of the Mouths of Toddlers

I said last year that I was so looking forward to the time that Danny got to Eric’s level of speech. That’s a slippery slope, because I love it all. I loved the first words stage. I loved the starting to put 2 words together stage. And the whole sentences stage Eric’s at now? Love it.

How can I not? A few of the beauties he’s come up with lately:

“Oh, it’s great! It’s beautiful! It’s cool! It’s good! I love it!”

The “beautiful” thing.

“Here, Mommy! I found this! Put it in your nose!”

“We don’t eat the lightning, Mommy. That would be gross.”

“I’m pooped! I need a new baby diaper for my stinky butt!”

Honestly, the thing this kid comes up with cracks me up.

I look at Eric and continue to be amazed at how far his language has come, how quickly. I look back and see the way it developed to; he barely babbled until 7 or so months, only had a tiny handful of words by 1, had a decent vocabulary but not a lot of use at 2, and now…wow. I don’t like to compare the boys, but I look at Danny and wonder if he’ll be on a similar schedule.

Of course, I do that in part because it means he’s not behind for not babbling yet despite all the other CI kiddos out there that started babbling by 4-5 months post-activation. Ha! I don’t lie to myself. He’s doing awesome though, especially considering he had the hiccup of being without one of his processors for a week or two.

I truly can’t wait, though, for the day Danny looks up at me and tells me to put something in my nose. I might actually do it.

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