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Shopping with Toddlers

Eric loves to go shopping – especially to the grocery store. Of course, he doesn’t always like the way we do it, because he would much rather but running free around the store than sitting in a cart…even a super cool car-shaped one complete with steering wheel. Once in a while, though, we slip off…

Daddy Daycare

Me: Hey Mike, can you watch the kids while I just do this one return and buy these items? Mike: Oh yeah no problem, I have it all under control ***Moments later he sends the following picture of

Numbers, they don’t lie. especially when you’re 35.

I’m going to tell you something that, if you don’t live in New Zealand and are trying to conceive and have been trying for some time, might just make you a little envious and frustrated. Let it be recognized that I am APOLOGIZING IN ADVANCE. The New Zealand medical system is so forward thinking that…

Mastitis!? NO!

I just got back from the pharmacy to pick up my drugs. I have this horrible condition called Mastitis which I am sure many breastfeeding moms are aware of. It is an infection of the breast that can cause swelling, pain, and redness. Being the smart person I am, I decided that it would be…

A Sad Trip Down Memory Lane

Lately I’ve been thinking about my miscarriage I had last year a lot. 2008 started off with my 21st birthday. I didn’t go out and party, had in fact only had maybe 2 or 3 drinks in my first week of turning 21. I didn’t feel good, but just put it down to a stomach…

Told Off by a Three Year Old

So today, my daughter told me off. Kind of. Let me explain. My mom, Snow White and I were shopping, and while shopping, one of her favorite things to do is pick out greeting/birthday cards for people. She picks out princesses for herself, blue cards for her Dad, yellow cards for me, etc. I always…

A Note From Home

Dear School: As a new year begins, I’d like to make a few small requests if I may.  I know you have worries of your own – like how those shiny waxed floors of yours are gonna get TA-RASHED once the kids arrive (trust me, I feel your pain), but this won’t take long. School, please…

Sick Day

For all of Danny’s health issues in his life, the kid has a remarkable immune system. We got through the last winter with very few sick days, and the summer has been the same. Online, at times, I’m asked how many doctors are following him … and the answer is none. Well, not quite. He…