A Note From Home

Dear School:

As a new year begins, I’d like to make a few small requests if I may.  I know you have worries of your own – like how those shiny waxed floors of yours are gonna get TA-RASHED once the kids arrive (trust me, I feel your pain), but this won’t take long.

School, please just be kind to my kids.  Make sure that their lockers open easily and that their teachers are nice.  Please leave them room at the lunch tables and don’t make their homework too hard (Okay, I’ve gotta be honest, this last one is more for me than them.  I mean, when did math get so complicated?)

Just try to take it easy on them, School.  I’ve spent the last few days hyping you up and making you sound all cool and exciting (Which really, School is kind of hard.  You’re okay and all, but you’re no day at Great America or afternoon at the pool, I’m just saying…).  I’ve got your back, School, so don’t let me down.

In parting, I just want to say that in case you are thinking about ignoring my letter, let me leave you with this thought:


Okay, well, have a great year, School.  I’ll be seeing ‘ya.

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