Mastitis!? NO!

I just got back from the pharmacy to pick up my drugs. I have this horrible condition called Mastitis which I am sure many breastfeeding moms are aware of. It is an infection of the breast that can cause swelling, pain, and redness.

Being the smart person I am, I decided that it would be great to sleep on my stomach last night. When I ever so gently turned myself onto my stomach and my boobs smushed into the mattress, I thought “wow, this hurts”. But still, due to exhaustion, I passed right out.

So I guess it would not be surprising at all that I woke up this morning in horrible pain in my left breast. I thought I had just squished and bruised it so I shrugged it off. It started to hurt more… and more… and even more. I pumped and had Willow nurse mostly on that side, to try and drain my left breast as much as I could. I thought that helped, but the pain just got worse. Then I started feeling twinges of pain running from the one spot the pain was the highest down to my nipple. After coming down with a fever, a headache, and bad aches all over my body, I began to realize that the symptoms were probably all connected.

Thanks to Facebook and all the wonderful friends I have on there from the JustMommies forum, it was suggested that I should call the on-call doctor and have him call in a prescription for an antibiotic, just in case the heating bad and whatever else I decided to do didn’t work. DUH! Why didn’t I think of that??

So now I have my drugs for the weekend and hopefully I stop feeling so cruddy! And to make it even worse, I realized that this is what it has come down to, posting face book status of clogged milk ducts and breast infections on a Friday night. I know how to get down with my bad self!

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