Told Off by a Three Year Old

So today, my daughter told me off. Kind of. Let me explain. My mom, Snow White and I were shopping, and while shopping, one of her favorite things to do is pick out greeting/birthday cards for people. She picks out princesses for herself, blue cards for her Dad, yellow cards for me, etc. I always make sure we put them back where they go, and usually it’s no big deal.

Well, this time, she found a Snow White card she didn’t want to part with. I asked her nicely to put it back. She refused. We went around for a bit before I squatted down to her level and whispered the direst threat I could think of in her ear. Luckily, it worked, and she put the card back. She then proceeded to stomp off. While stomping, she turned her head and spat, not just said mind you, but spat, “Oh Mom, I think you’re a genius!”

Now, someone reading this would think she gave me a nice compliment. Not so. If you had heard the venom in her voice when she said that to me, you would understand that she clearly intended genius to be replaced with some nasty profanity. She has an amazing vocabulary for a three year old, but clearly, the definition of genius is not something she’s aware of. She must have thought is was pretty bad, though.

My mom and I laughed about it. What else could I do? She called me a genius, not a jerk. But I can’t stop thinking, if she’s like this now, what am I going to do in ten years???

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