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On our way home (and more pics)

We are finally on our way back home.  We are so tired of driving now.  (Actually Kelly has done almost all of the driving this entire trip.)  We had a terrific time.  We only had a few things that didn’t go according to plan on the trip so I am happy about that.  We paid…

Talk about having no patience

I have discovered today that I have absolutely no patience with mechanical devises. I want them to work, darn it, and I’ll fiddle with it till they do. To tell this story properly, I have to start with a few weeks ago when Sarah called me from Chris’ phone to tell me that she left…

Mr. Independent

Some weeks, time just flies beyond measure and words, and all of a sudden I manage to get my head out from under water and it’s a month later. This has been one of those stretches! It’s been a wild couple of weekends that I hope to have pictures and stories of later, but for…

I Promise You, Its "E" not "I"

I’m having issues with Zach’s teacher. I started off the year on the wrong foot with his teacher. At the Kindergarten Parent Orientation I found out one of my best friend’s nieces is in Zach’s class. Her mom (my friend’s sister) was there with her fiance, and she was trying to get him to remember…

Back from Vacation

We just got back from Las Vegas, and it was wonderful. But, I had missed my babies so much! The first night there, I cried because I wanted to be home with them. As the days went on (we were there for four nights), it became easier to be away, but they were never far…

Monkey Bites

Jonah eats these for either snack or breakfast! They’re simple to make, and always a hit with my finicky eater! Monkey Bites: 1 piece whole wheat toast Apple or Pear Butter 1/4 banana Spread the apple butter on the toast in a pretty thick layer. Cut up the banana into bite sized pieces. Cut the…

The search for a midwife

When I was pregnant with Jonah, I was terrified of giving birth. It made me feel like a terrible mother, but just the thought of what had to happen to get this little being out into the world made me panic to the point of being nauseated and dizzy. Because of this, I read countless…

More pictures from the playground

Enjoy these pictures taken last Friday. Jane did a beautiful job! This first picture is so representative of the hurdles we have jumped in Ian’s recovery. He is standing alone, all alone. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Gabi & Ian standing together. Ian & Gabi enjoyed the slide!

Hope for Lightning Striking Twice

I have a friend who is pregnant with her very first baby; a little boy. Earlier this week she was airlifted to a nearby hospital because her body began the process of  labor.  She is only 24 weeks along.  Doctors performed a surgical procedure to hopefully keep the baby in place until his due date,…