Back from Vacation

We just got back from Las Vegas, and it was wonderful. But, I had missed my babies so much! The first night there, I cried because I wanted to be home with them. As the days went on (we were there for four nights), it became easier to be away, but they were never far from my thoughts.

I pumped my breast milk the whole time I was gone so I could resume nursing when I came home. Every time I brought out the pump, I got a little misty eyed, but it was totally worth it. I came home, and he jumped right back into nursing full swing. And, hearing my daughter yell, “Mommy Mommy, I missed you!” and run into my arms as soon as I walked in the door felt great.

All in all, it was liberating. I realized that life could go on without me. Well, for a couple days at least. My kids were fine and my husband and I had a great time. I’m in no hurry to leave them again, but it is nice knowing that someday, when I’m ready, it can be done.

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