Monkey Bites

Jonah eats these for either snack or breakfast! They’re simple to make, and always a hit with my finicky eater!

Monkey Bites:
1 piece whole wheat toast
Apple or Pear Butter
1/4 banana

Spread the apple butter on the toast in a pretty thick layer. Cut up the banana into bite sized pieces. Cut the toast into bite sized pieces and place a banana bite onto each piece. If you think it’s easier, you could put banana slices on the whole piece of toast and cut the bite sized pieces with the banana already on.

If you have a toddler older than two, you can use peanutbutter or any kind of nut butter in lieu of the apple butter. Because it is an allergy concern for children under the age of two as well as a choking risk, I don’t allow Jonah to have nut butters. So I made this recipe with fruit spreads.

I hope your little one enjoys these as much as Jonah does!

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