Mr. Independent

Some weeks, time just flies beyond measure and words, and all of a sudden I manage to get my head out from under water and it’s a month later. This has been one of those stretches!

It’s been a wild couple of weekends that I hope to have pictures and stories of later, but for now suffice to say, we have been busy and having lots of fun! Danny, with his beginning to walk full time, has decided to change his name to Mr. Independent. He has to walk, by himself, everywhere. No holding hands; he gets quite offended and pulls away. He’ll allow help getting up, but don’t try to carry him, because that only lasts about 3 minutes before he arches and wants down again. Concrete, mulch, gravel, dirt, doesn’t matter, he’ll walk on it. By himself.

He is also changing his first name to Mama’sBoy, because he has entered the clingy phase where it’s All Mommy, All the Time. We were in therapy on Friday and Danny hit meltdown point. Nothing we did would bring him out of it; he was climbing and clinging on me, screaming and crying. He hadn’t had a very long nap, he was tired, we got that. It was still frustrating; he sees her for an hour a week, and we hope to have a productive hour every week, you know?

Eventually, I just played pass the baby with John and went downstairs with Eric, who was also being needy in other ways. The second I went downstairs?


I crept back up a few minutes later and Danny is sitting on the floor looking through a book with his therapist. I watched for a while, amazed but not by the change. Eventually, he caught a glimpse of me, and it was game over again. He raced over to the gate between us and stood there screaming. I disappeared, he quieted down and went back to playing.

I feel loved…?

Really, it’s just because he knows that Mommy will pick up on his signals. Thirsty. Hungry. Sleepy. He figures I’m In The Know. He also knows I’m comfy.

Walking is hard work, after all.

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