Talk about having no patience

I have discovered today that I have absolutely no patience with mechanical devises. I want them to work, darn it, and I’ll fiddle with it till they do.

To tell this story properly, I have to start with a few weeks ago when Sarah called me from Chris’ phone to tell me that she left work because she dropped her phone in the toilet and Verizon wouldn’t replace it because the warranty doesn’t cover water damage. We have never paid the $7.00 per month (per phone) for insurance because we never thought it necessary. I told her not to worry, that I had a 2 year old Palm that she could activate till she could upgrade. She upgraded in May, so she has to wait a while. She was cool with that since the Palm is s smart phone and she could do much more with it. She left her phone here and after 24 or so hours, I popped the battery back in and it worked. All it needed was to dry out. Sarah decided that she would like to keep the Palm, so I decided to switch to her phone (the LG enV2) since it was better than mine (Blitz).

OK, so all was right in our world again, right? Right, until today. Dumb dumb dumb dumb me was taking a bath this morning and I got a text message. I don’t know why I picked up my phone, I knew the text was from Neely and I knew that he was sending a massive amount of twitpics and I knew that I couldn’t see the pictures from my phone, but I picked the dang thing up anyway. While I had a book in my other hand, I attempted (yeah, did I mention I was dumb?) to (with one hand) open the phone to read the full message and dropped the dang thing in the tub full of water. Dumb. Of course, I immediately pop the battery off and start drying it with my towel, but the damage was done. It was done. Or so I thought.

I used my hair dryer on it for a few minutes to try to dry it out and it came on once and then kept searching for service. Neely kept telling me to leave it alone and let it dry out and try it tomorrow, but would I listen? Heck no! I have no patience for non-working mechanical things. I think I said that once before. A friend of mine told me to put it in a container of uncooked rice for an hour or two and it would work. I thought she was nuts. I took Daniel to school and one of the other parents told me to do the same thing. I posted a message on Freecycle looking for anyone who had an unused Verizon cell phone, and got three messages that said to put it in a container of uncooked rice. OK, so five people tell me to try it so I did. Well what do you know?! It freaking works. Rice has saved the day.

So moral of this story? Well several things really. 1, insurance is really worth it; 2, don’t attempt to open your cell phone with one hand while sitting in a tub full of water; 3, an LG enV2 cell phone is pretty durable; and 4, if you ever drop your phone in the toilet, the bathtub or a puddle of water, pop the battery out and stick it in a container of uncooked rice for a few hours.

And yes, I use a cell phone that has been in a Walmart toilet and I’m totally fine with that.

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