I’m spotting

I started spotting today. I am 5w5d and I am numb because I’m so scared. I know spotting can be very normal in early pregnancy. However, I also know spotting can lead to devastation. For now, it’s very light and light brown, which means it’s old blood and even though any spotting isn’t nice, brown is the kind you want to see as opposed to red (which is new blood). I may have irritated my cervix last night with some, uh, “activities” if you know what I mean and I’m hoping that’s all this is. In the meantime, I’m taking it very easy and hoping the spotting disappears soon and does not get any worse. I hate no knowing and being in limbo.

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  • I am 19 weeks. That happened to me when I was around 7 weeks.. same situation. I was told because there is alot of extra blood flow this is sometimes common. Just have to watch how “rough” things can get.. if you know what I mean.

  • I as well was spotting at around 6 weeks, very light and brown. My doctor ran a blood test and tt turned out my progesterone level was borderline and was put on medication to raise it until I was 12 weeks. I now have a beautiful and healthy 4 month old. I would encourage you to have your doctor check it.

  • I hope the spotting was a one off, and was just related to your ‘activities’. The cervix IS very sensitive during pregnancy, and can cause a little spotting…