Mighty Life List

Maggie has a great idea, and man is she making it work for her. Have you seen the things she’s done lately? Don’t you want to be a part of
that? Me too! I think one of the scariest things about having life to-do lists is sharing them with others, because then you feel accountable to achieving those goals.

I’ve always felt that my life should and could be more……astounding, amazing, thrilling. But that sort of life doesn’t happen by accident, right?

So, without further delay, here’s the starting list. New Years’ resolution? PSHAW.

1. Start my own business

2. Attend a main-stream fashion show

3. Go to Puerto Vallarta with my best friend

4. Go snorkeling in Rarotonga

5. Cycle the Otago rail track

6. Visit Stewarts Island

7. Travel business class to Canada

8. Complete an Olympic length triathlon

9. Have a glass of champagne…in Paris.

10. Take dancing lessons

11. Take singing lessons

12. Make myself a skirt

13. Buy a house in Canada

14. Have a campervan holiday in Australia

15. Walk the Tongariro Pass

16. Visit White Island

17. Run a half-marathon

18. Take a holiday with my parents

19. Go for a pint with my brother

…..to be continued!

20.What’s on your list?

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  • I thoroughly support #3, and can’t wait for #13! This is such a great idea – I’m going to think of some things myself. Can they be things I’ve done already, or do they have to be new things??

  • Yay! Join me – totally #3 HAS to happen, it’s getting into the ridiculous range – I don’t see why you can’t add things you’ve already done to your life list. It is YOUR life list after all!

  • Hey! I got here from Mighty Life and just wanted to say – the Tongariro Crossing is fantastic. One of my favourite memories. So glad it’s on your list:)

  • Hey, I think this list is great. As a Canadian, living in New Zealand, (my husband is a kiwi) it is SUPER interesting to me. You want to do loads of things in NZ, and own a house in Canada. Best of luck!