Signs That Halloween is in the Air

This morning I snuck a surprise into my middle schooler’s lunchbox. Word on the street is that middle school is the end of the road for the handwritten lunchbox note from home, but too bad for my kid.  I will not be silenced.  Plus, Halloween is this week and who doesn’t love a marshmallow Peep in the shape of a ghostie??

**An interesting side note.  The contents of this lunch box are EXACTLY THE SAME, EVERY DAY. NO DEVIATIONS  Contents include: half a ham sandwich
(plain ham on plain bread), a baggie of hot Cheetos, one Trix yogurt, a small bottle of water, and a package of Little Debbie Swiss rolls (which I’m pretty sure are not from Switzerland).  I prefer not to dwell on the lack of nutritive value and instead cling to the hope that by ingesting such an insane level of chemical preservatives, scientists in the distant future will be able to learn much about our ancient society via my son’s perfectly preserved body.

In other Halloween-related news, one particular baby is crying ageism.  She feels that any holiday that features cello-wrapped candy is prejudiced against those with few teeth.  She’s drafting a petition.

“GRRRRRRRRR…..can someone please get me a pair of scissors?”

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