Rashes, Hives, and ear infections

Just when you think you know everything about a topic, you learn something new about it. Ear infections, for example. I thought I knew pretty much all there is to know about them. I’ve seen an incredible amount of ear infections in infants while working at nursery school. I actually alerted the parents when their child had an ear infection, that they should go to the doctor to have their ears looked at. Ear infections are just something that I can spot a mile away.

I took Jonah to the doctor last week because he had woken up covered in hives. But I was also 90% sure that we would also find out that he had an infection in his left ear. I had been planning on calling the doctor this day anyway because of the ears, as well as the return of the nastiest diaper rash ever (that just won’t leave us alone!) but the hives kind of sealed the deal. The reason I suspected an ear infection was because he was very grumpy, refused to eat, and he’s teething. He’s had fevers off and on, and the biggest sign was that his left ear has been utterly disgusting. It’s been a real chore to clean out his left ear. Without going into great detail, it suffices to say that it was gross.

We got to the doctor and found the same news about the “diaper” rash. It’s a staph infection. I’m at my wits end over this infection. It first showed up when we went on vacation and used Luvs disposable diapers. The doctor said that it’s common, because babies will get a raw rash from the perfumes in the diapers, and bacteria will get into the rash from sweat etc, and a staph infection incurrs. Unfortunately, once we unknowingly put his bacterial infected behind back into his cloth diapers, the bacteria decided to hang out there. I’ve used everything under the sun to try to disinfect them. My last option is a cleaning chemical called BacOut.

I’ve heard it’s just the thing for this type of heavy duty sterilizing. Jonah doesn’t use diapers very much anymore, but he does when I am working and Grandma is watching him. It only takes a few minutes of contact with one contaminated diaper to get the infection again. I’m really getting frustrated with it, and just want to put my baby back in his cloth diapers again! I feel like we are throwing our money away with every pack of disposables we buy.

Now the hives are another story. I suggested, for the third time, that maybe he is allergic to dairy. For the third time, the doctor disagreed. She began to examine him, and I mentioned to her about the ear and maybe it is infected. Remember, I had just cleaned Jonah’s ears. She still needed a special tool to clear them enough that she could see inside. I was disgusted! I am a clean freak about things like ears and noses and belly buttons. I can’t stand any kind of body gook. And here was my baby, having mounds of earwax extracted from his ears. She finally was able to get a good look and saw that indeed it was infected.

I wasn’t surprised. I was expecting this. What I wasn’t expecting was for her to say “and there’s the cause of the hives!” What? What’s the cause again, I missed it.

The ear infection! Yes, really. This is the new thing that I learned about ear infections: hives are a symptom of an ear infection. Who knew! Apparantly when the body tries to ward off infection of any kind, hives show up because it is a side effect of the immune system going into overdrive.

So Jonah and I were big spenders at the pharmacy this week. An antibiotic ointment for the staph infection, hydrocortizone cream and benadryl for the hives, more aquafor for the eczema on his face (which she confirmed once again is in fact eczema) and amoxicillin for the ear infection. It seems like sooo many medications, but Jonah is in a much better mood now that they have begun to take effect! If the hives and other rashes are not gone by our appointment next week, then he will be tested for food allergies.

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  • I didn’t know this either. I have only had to deal with one ear infection believe it or not. I have been very lucky. Lyndsey has had hives before though a couple of times and it was usually because she was sick.

  • this is Jonah’s second ear infection. I hope that we don’t have many more, especially if they’re going to cause him to have hives!!!

    Do you remember what you used to treat Lyndsey’s hives? The hydrocortizone cream and benadryl just don’t seem to be cutting it. He woke up again covered in them. I’m still wondering about food allergies because his antibiotic is nearly done for the ear infection and his ears seem to be clear now. He’s so itchy that he’ll strip his clothes off and lay on the carpet and wiggle around so that it will scratch his itches!!!

  • My daughter (8 months old) had/ has a double ear infection, we got amoxicillin from her ped and she has been taking it for 9 days now, the prescription is finished at 10 days. She has very sensitive skin. as a newborn she had a perma diaper rash/ yeast infection, i tried everything and we just couldn’t shake it completely. My friend suggested blow drying her bottom at each diaper change before putting on a new diaper. I have been doing that for months now and she hasn’t had any rash for over 4 months…. that is until she started taking the amoxicillin. The pharmacist warned us that diaper rash could be a symptom so we weren’t too surprised when she developed the diaper rash.

    That being said, about 5 days ago i ran out of diapers. We have used Huggies and occasionally Pampers since she was born. I had bought a GIANT pack of Luvs online because they were a good deal in size 3. She was ready to move up to size 3 anyway so i started using those about 5 days ago, which was only a few days after we started the amoxicillin.

    3 nights ago we rushed the baby to the ER because her entire face, and few other parts of her body, had broken out in some sort of allergic reaction that looked exactly like hives. Since arriving at the ER we had to watch her hives grow, redden, spread to surrounding areas and then begin to fade until they eventually were gone. We waited in the ER for 2 1/2 hours before we were seen by a doctor and by that time the hives had disappeared and they sent us home shaking their heads because we were stupid “first time parents”. Since then we experienced 6 rounds of these disappearing hives all over her little body, each round lasts for about 3 hours. She has since developed a cough and has occasional fevers and has almost completely lost her appetite.

    To sum things up she has all the same symptoms. Ear infection, diaper rash, hives, fevers and loss of appetite. Makes me think she has the same issue as your son and that perhaps she is allergic to her new Luvs diapers. I have her in Huggies right now, we’ll see if her condition changes over the next few days with finishing the amoxicillin and changing back to Huggies.

    My biggest question for you is if your son’s hives were only on his bottom or if he got them everywhere. My daughters last outbreak an hour ago was the first time i’d seen her have hives on her bottom as well as elsewhere.

  • Zoë had a horrifying yeast diaper rash. I found baking soda baths to work wonders! But about 6-7 oz of baking soda in a warm bath. Let her bottom air afterwards then apply lotruman cream. Use the cream each time you change her diaper. If it’s really bad and she won’t let you clean her bottom was it in the bath use a sprayer if possible. In two to three days the rash will subside I continue the baking sod baths for a couple of days after as well as the cream. The nurse that told me this should get an award!!! It works miracles just takes some time and extra care. If she us taking am antibiotic that you know has given her a yeast diaper rash before start her on these baths straight away to prevent the horrible thing. Hope this helps and please pass thus info on. Her doctor had never heard if this treatment it came from a nurse on the after hours hotline.

    Best wishes
    Zoë’s mommy

  • My baby had hives this weekend, and I had no idea what they were. I took her to the walk-in clinic, and lo-and-behold, she had a double ear infection & a sinus infection. She didn’t present with any other symptoms like fever, favoring her ears, crying, or a runny nose. I spoke to my pediatrician’s nurse today, and she said that hives are a common symptom of infections and that they will last between 3 – 5 days. She said they will appear, change size, shape, and location, and then disappear. She said that even during treatment this will happen. I was shocked, as I’ve never heard of this, but after looking up some information online it seems to make sense.

  • Oh thank God, there are others. My 20 month old had what I thought was a virus; it lingered and turned into an ear infection and then she had an outbreak of hives that will not go entirely away even tough we have eliminated all possible physical and food allergies. Although as the amoxacillin is working the hives are getting better without benadryll. So hopefully it’s just from the infection and no food allergies….

  • My 6 yr old started running a fever and was screaming his brain hurt. He then got sick to his stomache ans threw up. When I pulled his shirt off he had red bumps all over him. It wasn’t hives it looked like bites. We took a trip to ER and his diagnosis was an ear infection. I never heard of a rash with an ear infection. The dr said it looked like ant bites to him and wasn’t concerned. Now that he’s been on antibiotics the rash is disappearing.

  • This is how my son always reacts. I spent 15 minutes with the pediatrician questioning me over what he could be allergic to that he had eaten and I told her in the very beginning of the appointment I was sure he had an ear infection. She finally looked and… yup, it was an ear infection. Acted to surprised his hives/face rash were from the ear infection. Three days later and he is still breaking out in hives. 🙁

  • my son gets chronic ear infections in winter/fall today is the 1st time a rash developed.It is on his arms ,stomach & behind the ears, the dr said it is a heat rash, i have beed using benadryl cream & oral, does anyone have any other suggestions?