A lesson in anger management

I have a temper, and not little one either mind you.

I went to Zach’s Christmas party Friday because another mom and I helped organize and plan it. Some other parents came to help also, including the third mom who was supposed to help us, but… never came to any of the planning meetings or return our calls. So already we (other mom and I) are frustrated with her, then the non-helping mom came in at the time only parents helping set up parties were supposed to come and then sat on her butt and did nothing the whole time. She did nothing even when we were hurrying to prepare the craft and game she was supposed to prepare before the party.

BUT… I put all this aside because we were having fun and we knew the kids would be enjoying it.
Other parents started showing up and we had 4 crafts and 2 games for the students to do after eating donuts and listening to “the Night Before Christmas.” We had about 10 parents show up and we had to beg them to help at the craft/game areas, and only 3 said they would, so the teacher picked up the slack on the last spot. The non-helping mom was not one of the 3 to volunteer. She stayed with her son and went around from one area to another with him.
Non-helping mom and her son came to my area last. As we were working on ornaments (recipe coming in next post) non-helping mom and another mom were chatting and somehow the year 1987 came up. Non-helping mom is an older mom. She had her son in Zach’s class in her early 40s and her older son is a few years older than me. She said how her son was in kindergarten in 1987. The other mom said she was in like 3rd grade in 1987. Then both of them look at me, so I sit for a moment thinking “uhhhh…” not sure what to say. Non-helping mom then comes out and asks what grade I was in in 1987. My response, “Um, I was born in 1987.” She then has the nerve to look me up and down and say “(Snort) Well then you decided to get started really young didn’t you?”

Non-helping mom and other mom proceed to act as if I am not even there sitting across from them as they go on about how horrible teenage pregnancy has become, and how really its all just horrible that teenagers would throw away their lives, and how girls now just seem to think they have to have a baby by 18 to fit in. I’m getting angrier and angrier, really thinking of asking this lady who is older than my MOM if she thought it was anymore responsible for her to have had a baby at her age, and who the heck did she think she was to think she had any right to judge me. Thankfully, Zach’s teacher was at the table next to our’s and when she noticed she said it was time to switch activities. I was going to get up and follow them when the dad of one of the other boys, who happened to know me from helping in Zach’s class last year, came over and told me to just let it go. I need to set the example of being the bigger person.
And he was right, so I did.

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