Christmas 2009.. over & done!

We had a fabulous Christmas Day!!  I woke up on and off from 5am, but I woke at 6.15am, and Gaby woke up too – so I figured that was a decent enough time to start Christmas Day.  Gaby seemed to have forgotten about Santa, as it wasn’t until she came back to the bedroom & her Santa sack was on the bed, that she seemed to get excited.  Mum came into the bedroom – I guess she’d been awake early too, and sat on the bed with us, while Gaby opened her presents.  It was so cute seeing her getting excited about the various presents, I think she was very happy with her little Santa haul!

We went into the lounge afterward, to let Poppa sleep awhile longer – Gaby had some muesli (granola?) for breakfast, and then watched some Playhouse Disney… VERY surprisingly, she didn’t bother us about opening the presents under the tree, and she waited extremely patiently, for Poppa to get up.  Around 8am Poppa got up, and we were onto the tree presents!
Gaby was extremely spoilt!  She got:

  • a box of wooden puzzles, from Nana Joyce
  • a beach towel, in a bag, from Grandma
  • a toy piano, from Aunty Jane
  • a box of 3 ducks, filled with bubble bath, from me
  • a Dora top, Dora pencil case set, Little Miss Chatterbox singlet & undies set, a Dora beach towel, and a Dora cushion, from Nan & Poppa
  • a pair of shoes and some hair clips, from Jasmine & Alice
  • a bottle of bubble mixture, from Livi & Will
  • a bottle of bubble mixture, from Debbie & Mark
  • a Dora hooded beach towel, from Rikki & Sarah

Her final present, was from me.  The first part of her present, was a Dora helmet – she was excited about this, but sort of had the attitude of “great – a helmet – but what use is it without a bike?”, so Nan told her that she could ride on Poppa’s bike with the helmet, or on her bike – and that seemed to cheer Gaby up.  It was then we went out to the garage so that she could have a ride on ‘Poppas’ bike….  Of course she got out to the garage & there, parked beside Poppa’s bike – was the Dora bike she has been asking for for MONTHS!  She was quite overwhelmed, and all she said was “Oh – I think I’ll ride this bike!!” – she got on the bike & then off she went!!!

At 11am, Gaby left to spend 4 hours at her fathers house, so we had a little peace and quiet, until Debbie, Mark, Rikki, Sarah & Corey arrived, around 11.30… We had a lovely time catching up, and just relaxing – Christmas Dinner (lunch) OF COURSE, was a complete success, and resulted in a lot of full tummys… Rikki & Corey (cousins) went and had little Nana naps afterward, which seemed funny – isn’t it meant to be the old[er] people who go for naps after Christmas lunch?!
The afternoon went past quickly – 3pm Gaby got back from her fathers, and she played non stop, until around 10.30pm, when we went home!  There was no real evening meal – everyone just helped themselves to the deserts and left overs from lunch, which is just the way it should be – why have a big effort for dinner, if there is still enough food left over from lunch, to feed an army?!  We played a little singstar later in the evening, and then played a game of Cranium – boys vs girls, which I am proud to announce, the girls won!
As I said, we went home around 10.30pm, and as soon as we got home we were in bed.  Gaby fell straight to sleep, but I was still buzzing a bit from the lovely day we’d had – though I soon nodded off too.  Gaby woke me up around 8.15am – which is a HUGE sleep in for me, so that was a lovely surprise!
I hope everyone else had as wonderful a day as we did!
Merry Christmas!
Oh – and those of you taking tally – Gaby got a total of 8 Dora presents…

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