Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

As many parents of toddlers know, the predicament is WHERE to put the tree. With 3, it is even more of a challenge b/c you can forget a superyard gate. They’ll tear it down. Leaving it wide open is also not an option. 3 sets of little hands equals T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

At the same time, you want the tree to be around, so they can see & enjoy it. The solution, put it in the dining room which is virtually completely connected to the living room & only divided by a baby gate. We can all enjoy it all day/night long & don’t have to worry about little hands pulling down all the ornaments.

Oh, & let’s not even try to discuss whether the tree is real ‘cuz it ain’t. Sorry, real trees are super prickly & although the kids don’t have free reign when it comes to being around the tree, we do let them touch & explore it every day & will be opening our presents around the tree on Christmas so it is a “tree-in-a-box” for us!

Gabi was so happy to actually be able to touch the tree & ornaments!

All 3 around the tree!

Sofi getting a closer look.

Gabi checking out Ian’s ornament from last year.

Daddy & the kids <3.

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